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Halo 4 (2011)

We call Halo 4 beginning of a new trilogy, but it is only a chronological description, because the game will be a direct continuation of the history and development of the Master Chief'a. We want to show him more profound and rich character, you will learn much more about it.

In Chief'a very strange, complex and bitter life, - he added. - I think many fans want to know more about it.

We asked why armor Chief'a looks different. The fact that his armor in each game was different. This is a natural process, we try to make better graphics on games run different artists.

But if we talk about the trailer, in his armor really noticeable major changes - some of them are very artistic solutions, while others - associated with the plot. We can not yet talk about it, but you must remember that he spent in space, a lot of time.

Year: 2011
Genre: Action
Game status: Under construction
Platform: XBOX360
Developer: 343 Industries

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