Evil Dead - Regeneration (2005) (RUS) (Repack) MOP030B Torrent

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Developer: Cranky Pants Games
Publisher: THQ
Year: 2005
Publication Type: RePack [Repack]
Tablet: enclosing
Language: RUS
Sound language: RUS


Experiments mad doctor awakened ancient, but yet so familiar evil, which immediately began to spread around the neighborhood, distorting and destroying all life in their path.It is time to antiquity Ash again save the world!This time the hero will need all his courage, luck and the ability to handle weapons, to once again stop the evil, but now he had allies.Ash will join forces with Sam, small, mean-spirited and ... dead.After Ash necessary to return the girl to defeat evil and save civilization, if you will ... The game is developed with the direct participation of Bruce Campbell, who plays Ash in the famoustrilogy "Evil Dead", known to Russian audiences as "The Evil Dead". Bruce participated in developing the concept of the game, as well as virtual Ash voiced the English version of Regeneration.


✔ Unique gameplay: Experience an amazing atmosphere "Evil Dead" and enjoy the violent, uncompromising gameplay Regeneration.
✔ New Ally half dead! Ash would gladly cut off his head, but to fight the hordes of undead need all the help!
✔ Huge arsenal of weapons: kill the undead all improvised ways, ranging from harpoon guns and flamethrowers and finishing world famous chainsaw and shotgun combination.

Features repack:

✔ cut negeympleynoe videos left bonuses
✔ Do not recoded
✔ version of the game: 1.01
✔ estimated installation time: 3 minutes
✔ author: MOP030B

Evil Dead - Regeneration (2005) (RUS) (Repack) MOP030B

Evil Dead - Regeneration (2005) (RUS) (Repack) MOP030B

Evil Dead - Regeneration (2005) (RUS) (Repack) MOP030B

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