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Genre: Arcade (Fighting)
▪ Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios
▪ Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios
▪ Publication Type: pirates
▪ Language: ENG
▪ Sound language: ENG
▪ Tablet: enclosing (3DM)

√ Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8
√ Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.8 GHz
√ Memory: 2 GB
√ Video card: 512 MB compatible with DirectX 10
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 1.5 GB

Divekick - the world's first two-button fighting game. The whole essence of the genre in a game reduced to two buttons, giving up the use of d-pad to move.Focused Gameplay Divekick shows how deep can be a separate motion, and uses (or increases) the fundamental skills for the genre:intellectual game, spacings, timing and speed of reaction. We love Iron Galaxy Fighting.Normally, to get to the most interesting game of the genre, fan forced to remember an infinite number of combinations.That is why Divekick uses only two buttons:Dive («dive» into the air), when you figure that jumps straight up, and Kick (kick), forcing the character to fly with exposed front foot angled downward.Click Kick on the ground, you can jump from the opponent. Using these motions, the first hit wins the round, and the first player to win five rounds wins the game. This is pure adrenaline, attention and skill to outwit the enemy.

"13 completely unique and original characters, each of which has its own style and fighting techniques. That's 91 unique combinations, with whom you will meet in the game.
"The story of every character in the game, including Intro, ending and rival battles. You will be moved to tears!
"Online game rating without it through GGPO, the most reliable network code in the genre of fighting games. The table includes ratings for each character, as well as a General table.
"Local play for two players with a quick and simple reconfiguring of buttons to match the individual preferences of each.
"Full Steamworks integration, including Big Picture Mode.

Divekick (2013 | Eng)

Divekick (2013 | Eng)

Divekick (2013 | Eng)

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