Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (2011) torrent download

Posted: 22-07-2015, 12:33 | Downloads: 604
Once Professor "H", a world-class expert on Easter Island, received a mysterious letter from Hanga Roa. It was a cry for help from an unknown person.The letter stated that the island something goes wrong. Without hesitation, Professor, together with his granddaughter Ivy and his assistant Dzhoylom went to the island, where they were waiting for the search, secrets and mysteries. Can you help them reveal the greatest secret of Easter Island?

Year: 2011
Publication Type: pirates
Genre: Puzzle, Balls Three in a row
Language: Multilingual
Publisher: Oberon Media
Tablet: Not required (put and play without any restrictions)

System requirements:
PII-600 / 64M RAM / 16M Video 3D, Windows XP, DirectX 9.0

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