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▪ Genre: Adventure / 3D / 1st Person
▪ Developer: Access Software
▪ Publisher: Access Software
▪ Publication Type: License
▪ Language: ENG
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Tex Murphy: Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum [GoG] [1991|Eng]
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One of the best adventure series, produced on the PC. Gained fame, of course, due to the interactive movie parts from the 3rd to the 5th. Great story, great puzzles, good quality videos. The middle of the 21st century. Our (or not our) a rather bleak future. Mutants, aliens, flying cars and such entourage. And all this stylized detective films of the 30s. the Main character is Tex Murphy, private investigator.

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets.
Wonderful fusion of aesthetics 30x, the situation post-nuclear future and obscenely banal story, Mean Streets, does not claim to be a genius. Meanwhile, the game is quite amusing. Especially if we can run in VGA, and with sound - it's a real adventure! And I say that today, fifteen years later...
The plot of Mean Streets is a small script that created Chris Jones subsequently starred in the title role. It was called "the Singing detective" ("The Singing Detective"), and was written in 87. That was the ironic story of space ACE named Tex Murphy. No small irony, by the way, preserved in Mean Streets (at least in the characters).
Here Tex - a private detective, who was once visited by a beautiful blonde, obviously flirting with him (and love it!). It just so happened that her father - a prominent scientist, committed suicide, jumping from the Golden Gate bridge in the depths of the waves. Stress, nervous exhaustion, vulnerable psyche (it's the scientist? Professor?). Said, they say, even began to drink heavily and... one day he suffered the hardships of life.
Sylvia, his daughter, believes all this bunk about suicide and Tex promises 10 thousand dollars for the disclosure of the true causes of the death of Carl Linsky. Not bad, huh? You have to be an idiot to pass up.
The entire game is the investigation, plus the production of money on it. Because the defendants in this case have to bribe, and intimidate. And the evidence is to look in the strangest places, sometimes at risk to life (at the time, so to persist is a very useful exercise).
Mean Streets is the original mix of flight-SIM (Tex flies back and forth on real Lotus Speeder'e), a detective with the usual blah-blah "question and answer" and the arcade, which turns the game, when we urgently need money (you can chase criminals for a reward or climb on other people's flats... - then selling found items).
It is controlled solely by the keypad (the list of commands in the Lotus is called "H", to get out of here - "E"). In Tex there are a few helpers that you can call even during the flight. Ask about them and other citizens have about the specific things and people, writing their exact (!) names, then to fill in a real e from IF.
In fact, the only odd thing about movement speed Speeder'a (one name obliges!) quite small (but it sits like a thrown stone), if you remember that the yard in the middle of the 21st century. However, flying mostly on autopilot - fishing from conversations and faxes to four-digit codes of the places to visit.

Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum.
The year 2039. Six years after the events of Mean Streets private detective Tex Murphy is still working on his craft. Once he calls the head (!) megacorporations Terraforming, Marshall Alexander, and requested the aid in a very delicate matter: his daughter Alexis is kidnapped.
Adorable Tex has no idea where it will lead this investigation: through a huge metropolis, deep in the past of Alexander, to Mars - where the Terraforming creates suitable conditions for life and where eventually standards-the detective will reveal the secret of Martian Memorandum...
Unlike previous games in MM no of simulator and arcade chase - this is a pure adventure game, marred, perhaps, only a couple of timed puzzles. Mouse or joystick are the cursor, the keyboard is a little help to make life easier: a number of keys F1-F12 replaces the bottom menu, from which actions are chosen. Perhaps not very appropriate look for clues that appear in abundance, you only click on help at any of the locations.
Many of the characters are "speaking heads" of digitized images of real actors (though obviously not the best). And their replica and announced lips are moving in time with the words. Some locations are almost of photographic quality as possible in those days.
The natural surroundings of cyberpunk, really excellent script, again invented by Chris Jones (co-authored with a colleague, Brent Erickson) - all this, despite his Krivlyak and voice-over tape quality, Memorandum makes a desirable piece of bread not even in a lean year.

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum (GoG) (1991|Eng)

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum (GoG) (1991|Eng)

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum (GoG) (1991|Eng)

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