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Genre: Adventure, Point-and-click, Horror
Developer / Publisher: DigiFX Interactive / Lee Jacobson / Night Dive Studios / Virgin Interactive Entertainment / Merit Software
Platform: PC

Version: Full-time / Uncensored

Publication Type: Informal
Language: Multilingual, English
Language: English
Tablet: Not required (emulation)

System requirements:
> OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
> Processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz
> Memory: 1 Gb
> Video card: compatible with any DirectX9.0c
> Hard disk: 2 Gb of free space
> Sound Card: compatible with any DirectX9.0c

The game was developed by DigiFX Interactive and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1996 on DOS platform for the PC.The playing environment "Reaper" is made up of a number of game scenes in which the player by clicking on objects, can inspect the items and / or talk to people living in the harvest.During the game you have to solve puzzles and use the objects to perform various tasks. Dialogues in the "Reapers" vary depending on the events occurring in the game.Characters can respond differently, depending on what you did and what happened in the game world. The main goal of "Reaper" of the game - to get to the truth and to understand what is happening in town.The game is replete with a variety of tasks, depending on where and when the action takes place.In the "Reapers", there are many situations that have more than one correct way to solve the puzzle: some players can unravel it, while others - use a more violent approach.During the game, the character can at any moment to fight with another character or to kill him. In the "Reapers" has twenty-one unique weapon, characterized fighting style. There are some very strong characters, and in the absence of a powerful weapon you just ... die.

"I understand that there will be protests. We have not conceded in anything. Our game will offend many people. " - Lee Jacobson, president of Future Vision, on the MA-17 rating and the button "Switch violence."

"Reaper" - a horror carnival, rip your head off. Staff Future Vision took two years and two quantum technological breakthrough to create this electronic house of horrors."You often hear about the games that are in the early development look very contradictory - Jacobson said. - And then their "smooth" back to normal, and there are only deceived expectations.We decided that if we start to develop, it will do the right thing. We got to the end and did not give slack. " "Reaper" definitely allows you to change the world.And in fact, you can kill everyone you see. You can commit murder or suicide, or even arrange a nuclear holocaust. This is only part of the inconsistency "Reaper."You can do everything in the game that you want. You can kill and die in the picture in the digital puddles of blood. But this is - just the beginning ...To complete the game, you need to perform a set of actions, each of which would be illegal or immoral another. This is the contradiction of the game: blood, violence and the absence of any moral principles in your character.

"Reaper" - it's like MYST, only for abnormal.

Extras. Info:
Krezoveyshy FMV-horror quest.In this game figures such quantity of bloodshed, dismemberment, sex, scary thoughts and actions, as well as the above smesesochetany that nervous, excitable, well-behaved,religious, epileptics and people with heart conditions and pregnant women, it is better not to approach closer than one parsec. You have been warned.

Certainly, Harvester -! Is one of the most bizarre, scary, nasty, deep and exciting games in history kvestostroeniya .. No games like Harvester'u.The atmosphere of terror and suspense intertwined with rivers of blood, deep philosophical overtones and truly addictive gameplay. The game is unique.One of the most unrecognized and non-pop games in history. And believe me, Harvester - not the usual ordinary horror, Harvester - a real masterpiece, an unrivaled masterpiece.The combination of the processed 3D-editors are backs and live actors, non-linear gameplay, and action sequences, unpredictable plot and built the incomparable music. Alas, due to the violence, scenes of erotic content and politically incorrect game has been banned for sale in many countries.

Horror fans of the genre will certainly be very interesting to see the progenitor of the genre, the game Harvester, before which the Postal seems child's play.

- SG similar to Maddison
- At the end of each day, we can see him silk tum
- You can kill anyone
- You can kill children
- Cinematic
- Teacher, ♥♥♥ ryaschy children with a baseball bat on the head, and in his spare time to fuck with the principal
- Firefighters gay
- The massacres of Indians on TV
- Two oxy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ endings
- The baby eats tarantula
- If you type "♥♥♥♥" in dialogue with her mother, she would understand that it is not against incest
- MEAT !!!!!!
- You always was a kidder, Steve
- The deputy - an ardent masturbator

Installation of the english version:
1. The start of setup_harvester_2.0.0.9.exe HARVESTER_En_gog folder and install the game
2. to adjust the graphic options to use the shortcut Launch Graphic Mode Setup
3. To run the game with harvester_click.exe

Installing RUSSIAN version:
1. The start of setup_harvester_1.0.0.0.exe HARVESTER_Ru_old games folder and install the game
2. mount the image HARVESTER_DISC1.iso disk into a virtual CD-Rom using DAEMON Tools Lite (hereinafter referred to open the file in Notepad dosbox.conf is located on the way: vashlokalnyydisk: / vashapapkasigroy / HARVEST / and at the bottom in a row «mount d h: / -t cdrom» h replace the label with the letter of your virtual CD-Rom-and in which you mount the image. after save modified dosbox.conf)
3. To run the game with harvester.bat

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Bonus content
• manual (US version)
• manual (European version)
• soundtrack (MP3)
• The Making of Harvester
• poster
• 2 Harvest travel brochures
• an early look at Harvester
• manual (RU version)

Harvester / Harvester (1996) PC

Harvester / Harvester (1996) PC

Harvester / Harvester (1996) PC

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