Fallout New Vegas Moded (2010-2015) torrent download

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Released: 2010-2015 Genre: Action, RPG
Type: Playing with modifications
Language: RUS

Operating System: Windows 7, 8
Processor: i5
Video: from GTX 660 and up, Radeon R9 270 and above
Laptop Video Card: from GTX 775M or higher, Radeon 7970M above
Free SSD: 29 GB
Time: 20 minutes

Ladies and gentlemen!
We have proposed - you vote!
We announced - you are waiting for!
And today we bring you a new assembly Fallout: New Vegas from the creator builds Skyrim and Fallout 3:

Advanced Fallout: New Vegas Everything is Beautiful Fixed Balance Replaced Textures and Objects
Stealth-Shooter YOU DIED Edition! sm_62w

You - the courier, miraculously survived after being hit in the head. Correct this misunderstanding just went down the road with a new balance!
Survive in the wasteland hundreds of hours each 4k afraid swaying grass, and along rippling standing in the way of monsters, bandits and innocent people a new weapon capable to arrange a colorful small nuclearblast! If you do not like the undulation of everything, then try your hand at silent passage. Fortunately, the weapons, armor and implants for the holidays in honor of the Legion and crucifixes as that would be enough for a new war!

Immerse yourself in the Fallout world again!Injection of polygons and textures and new colors in the remains of the nature of a post-apocalyptic world, new living companions, fixed bugs main game repleysery to everything that worked or not lying,corrections and additions of gameplay, enemies for the sake of survival and, of course, a lot of new items of equipment (Second Hand Clothes lovers will understand me).
Become death, flying on the wings of the night! And when you still kill, enjoy the beauty of nature ... or wood, and stone, sunsets, sunrises, the world after a nuclear war ...

It has been all your life and death in the wasteland in the wasteland were at the highest level and the best special effects! Incident like kasadoru!
The clerk of the Legion: ~ neji_genius ~

Automatic Installation: With installer: Installation is the same as that of Fallout 3
1). First start: Go to the folder with the game and just run FalloutNVLauncher.exe close.
2). Then run the office. desktop shortcut Running Games FalloutNV
In case of failure FOMM in the game folder, reinstall (from Additional Mods Programs) to the folder Fallout New Vegas FOMM
The menu Fomm - Load Order> Import> Procedure Zagruzki.txt (the folder with the game Fallout New Vegas Settings Games)

Manual Installation:
1. Unzip NV.7z a folder where it will be is a game
2. Run the Registry file on your system type FalloutNV moded INI Registry after changing the path where the game will be located
3. Copy of INI files FalloutNV moded INI to the My Documents My Games FalloutNV
4. The files falloutprefs.ini Fallout.ini change your screen resolution:
iSize W = 1920
iSize H = 1080
and the name of your video card:
sD3DDevice = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970"
5. First start: Go to the folder with the game launch FalloutNVLauncher.exe launch and close.
Run the game through Fallout New Vegas FOMM fomm.exe
The menu Fomm - Load Order> Import> Procedure Zagruzki.txt (the folder with the game Fallout New Vegas Settings Games)
Start the game only through fomm.exe

In case of failure FOMM in the game folder, reinstall (from Additional Mods Programs) to the folder Fallout New Vegas FOMM

The collection includes
Game Fallout New Vegas with 4 official DLC
Retekstura 2k - 4k all over the world, weapons, armor, etc 15 GB (more than a total of 12 000 files of textures)
NVSE - program to run scripts
NV Stutter Remover - Anti brakes
NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash - anti-crash
4gb patch - patch use 4GB memory

My work has been done: build mods, translated, adapted some textures in Photoshop, carrying armor of Fallout3, replacement meshes all women's hairstyles Lorne more beautiful, correction curves mods, the combination of different armor mods, testing, screenshots, installation videos

Description mods

The "Nevada" - a modification recognized to make Fallout: New Vegas a different development, in a battle in the gameplay. Ultimately, the modification will make the game more difficult - but much more interesting and more fun for you.
Modification is created by the same team that created the FWE - one of the most popular modifications for Fallout 3.
The "Nevada" is not complete processing the game.This - a set of topics modules that extend the various aspects of the game and are designed for different audiences, but, nevertheless, work well together. The plugin does not offer players a choice of "all or nothing" and allows you to select and retain only what the player wants.
Setting: The game in the pause menu> Settings Mods

The overall objectives of the modification are:

-Easy Installation and configuration without complex interdependencies
-Shikarnaya Configure various modules in the menu during the game
-Gameplay- Simple and pleasant, but not tedious and irritable
-Izbeganie Changes that may interfere with other mods, unless they are absolutely necessary.
-Create Extensions as good as possible - players do not need to feel that they use fashion.

Common features fashion

Monster Mod
Tired of all those monsters and creatures that are in the game? It's time to diversify the process of travel wasteland.
This modification adds to the game more than 150 new creatures. This version - not just retekstura monsters in "red-yellow-green", and the addition of monsters from the works of such famous modmeykerov as CIB, tumbajamba and others.
In addition, the modification of a number of features required for a comfortable game without effect "completely empty wasteland", pardon the pun, namely:
Increased the chance to spawn monsters: On spawn itself, but not their number. In addition, the spawn is reduced to 2 days instead of three.
All monsters except quest will now spawn.
Included monsters respawn zones random encounters.
"The Resurrection of Ghouls": There is some chance that if you kill the ghoul, but will carry it with the head (shame!), He gets up and trample on you again.

I have been reduced some initial stats and remove all the monsters are not monsters vanilla
(Tip: At the first level till we do not go off the road) In some situations, you can save a draft of Nevada)

Willow - the best companion / Willow - A Better Companion
Meet - is Yves. She gladly accompany you on the road, prepare something during the halt, sing and follow the fire. All that she wants - your friendship and a small service.

Yves grew up in NKR, so not much of a fan of the Legion. But if you are an ardent supporter of Caesar, you may be able to convince her. Or maybe not.
Willow - carefully crafted, fully voiced companion. She has an opinion on almost any event that happens in the game, and this opinion, it will not keep to themselves.
You can find it in the tent between Primm and outpost of the Mojave. The girl was in trouble, and maybe only you can help her.

Short lines
Enhanced Camera - view his body in the first person
Survivalist Crossbow - Crossbow with different types of screws. Where to find: Chest with weapons, bolts and a detonator is on the Radio "Lone Wolf" near Goodsprings, or buy from gunsmiths.
The Weapon Mod Menu - menu modifications of weapons, which can be placed and withdrawn
Solars Bottled Water - Now any empty bottle you can get water, come to power in stealth and type.
Spice of Life - A huge collection of clothes for NPCs and SG masks, bandages
Combined Weapons - enchanted melee weapon, gunpowder cues, mines, axes, rakes, machetes and so on in the description of the location of the folder More Fashion
Musicpack for FNV - Replacement of original music for better if you want to return and replace the original download, you can also return to the music menu, or replace the alto compositions in the folder Music Special
T6M Unique Item - Unique Armor for zhenskih.gg 6 items in your description of finding more Fashion
Necklaces and Chains Neck Seam Concealer - necklaces and pendants on all NPCs to hide the neck seam.
zzClothes - things survivor (initial armor for female YY) and false nails for female characters: On the back of the building Goodsprings filling in the box. Necklace on the neck in the back of the machine are in Goodsprings.
A Better Cass - Cass Change appearance
A Better Veronica - Change the appearance of Veronica
Sunny Companion - Sunny from Goodsprings can now become your companion
ADAM - NCR Patrol Armour - improved armor NKR
Combined Community Sound Pack - Improved weapon sounds
DarNified UI NV - Improved font and interfaces games
Enhanced Blood Main - texture blood spatter stains
ELECTRO-CITY - light along the main roads and electrical engineers who are watching this
EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements - Visual effects from energy and weapons
FAFFNV - animation
Hat fix - fix hairstyles for hats
Improved Ballistics Effects - visual effects of firearms
Improved Sound FX Merged - advanced gunfire
Interior Lighting Overhaul - improved indoor light
MCL Weapon Pack - Pack 50 units of weapons
Mikoto Beauty, Nouk's Hairs - pak hair 150 female and 30 male does not work on all the races
Mojave Delight - Women's race of 4 presets, each preset has a different type of tattoo and face
Nevada Skies - weather events, is configured in pipboy
NewVegas Redesigned 3 - Change the appearance of the playable characters
NV Interiors - improved interior New Vegas
Readius NV - A new Pip-Boy in tablet form, the old Pip-Boy with arms lifted
T6M - Repleyser bodies and armor, as well as the female enemy NPCs
Vurt's WFO - Vegetation in the wasteland, the author of the fashion Skyrim Flora Overhaul
Vault 22 Floral Overhaul - Improved vegetation Vault 22

Fallout New Vegas Moded (2010-2015)

Fallout New Vegas Moded (2010-2015)

Fallout New Vegas Moded (2010-2015)

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