Lands of Lore 3 (1999) PC torrent download

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Developer: Westwood Studios / GOG
Year: 1999
Platform: PC
Version: 1.07a

Interface language: RUS / ENG
Tablet: Not required (DRM Free GOG)

System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 (32 & 64 bit)
RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
Video card: compatible with DirectX 7
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible
Place on HDD: 4 GB

Important!!! Starting the game with only the icon on the desktop.

Installation Instructions:
Run the setup.exe, point the way, set, go to the folder with the game, start nglide_config.exe, set the screen resolution to get out of the folder and run the game only with the icon on the desktop.
The game is fully weaned from disks, officially supports all new operating systems to Windows 8 (http: // / game / lands_of_lore_3), the game embedded crack - torn out of the old version of the "Russian project".Text and voice completely transferred, rollers due to the reduced size of the original left, as they say in commercials can always be read in the magazine where everything is recorded accurately. No compatibility with older systems are not put!

Many of those who once tried "by heart" the first two "Land of Knowledge" series, during the inspection and examination of the third part is primarily interested in its similarities with both the absolute masterpiece in the face LOL: Throne of Chaos, so (accept the bitter truth ) and failure lOL2: Guardians of Destiny.
Due to this failure of Westwood and former lost the respect of the players, who do not expect to see in a dismal LOL2 rpg quest to warp type "until the dog sniff the medallion, you can not goon North". However, it was very nice to see that developers have finally come to their senses, as the third part of not only got rid of almost all the shortcomings of their predecessors, but they took the best!
Thought the guild system, which essentially are classes, overcome the problem of loneliness of the protagonist - now he finds himself a friend and faithful companion in the form of flying creatures«Familiar». Removed unloved by many puzzles, and therefore, the clock will not have to run all over the map in search of tiny insects.Magic has become even more beautiful and thoughtful (both visually and aesthetically) than in the first part.Every creature now has strengths and weaknesses: some are afraid of fire, and indifferent to the cold, other critters do not like when they are poked with sharp pieces of iron, but easy to "digest" the majority of spells.
Of course there are spots on the sun. The developers have not come down to the simple idea that the simple arithmetic of addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers still available fan of role-playing games.That fan, as a fan of arcades and similar genres in which numbers really are absent, for LOL3 obviously does not sit. Even in the "Diablo" (so the simplicity of something incomparable instance!) Numbers and arithmetic as much or even a little more ... I hope that this will be LOL4 absent.
This is the first torrentgamesnet role-playing video game, where the magazine is arranged so nice, so detailed and so clear. We saw a new creature? Just read the first impressions of her.Kill her, and you will have even more information. We used a strange thing - and immediately got the information about how it works.I do not say that all the conversations accurately logged. If you have forgotten the essence of your job, then you are welcome to re-read the dialogue with the NPC, which recorded all of his explanations.
As for the assistant, the idea is very good. He's looking for you a lot of useful things, throwing powerful spells, fighting on your side, and, best of all, constantly commenting your adventures.My companion gave sometimes hilarious phrases even better than it was in Baldur's Gate, but it is worth a lot.
The fact all learn from mistakes, including developers, it is evident in the study of the graphics of the game.She became much more pleasant, and its task is characteristic of all the roleplayers - not annoying and does not interfere with enjoying adventures - performs superbly.Cartoons are now less common, many important scenes take place in the game. This is very important, because it may be that overreliance cartoons to the detriment of the rest did not give manifest in full LOL2 least.
Thus, the credibility of the former Westwood as a creator of good computer rolevikov restored, and we all got a thing for which you can have a good rest pleasant spring and summer evenings.

Lands of Lore 3 (1999) PC

Lands of Lore 3 (1999) PC

Lands of Lore 3 (1999) PC

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