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Aion - is a virtual world where you, like thousands of other players, create your hero and set off in search of adventure in the company of true friends or as part of a whole legion.Legend: once upon a time Atreus created god Aion, was a flourishing world, nothing and no one threatened its inhabitants.But Dracaena, created to protect the Tower of Eternity, proved treacherous beings and power.They had the power, superior strength the other inhabitants of Atreia, and therefore decided that it should dominate the planet.When the people refused to obey them, Balaur - Dracaena, to develop their abilities - began a war against rebellious peoples.It makes no sense to talk about the horrors and sorrows of war, which lasted for a thousand years, a cataclysm that ended the attempt to conclude peace, the destruction of the Tower of Eternity, and the division of the once united people in the Elyos and Asmodian - all this in detail tell the player characters inhabit Atreyu.

Publication Type: pirates
Developer: NCSoft
Year: 2012
Platform: PC
Version: v3.0

Language: Multilingual
Multiplayer: Yes
Tablet: Do not need

System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon 2800+
RAM: 512 MB
Video GeForce: 5700 or Radeon 9600
HDD: 20.GB
DirectX: 9c

Installation Instructions:
- The client prepared to play on a free server;
- This client is already set up for the game on the server Aion Max and requires no upgrades or installations;
- Download it at your directory, then go to the downloaded folder and click on AionMax.exe and enjoy the game.

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