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ARGO Online - a unique combination of postapokalipsisa, steampunk and fantasy. The events of the world ARGO unfold after the Fourth World War.Survivors of the world divided into two warring races: Noblian and Floressiya. They fight for erady - a new resource, the possession of which depends the future of the two factions.Noblian uses high technology, Floressiya is based on martial arts, magic and power of nature. In this battle for the planet you have to choose your side of the conflict and to prove its superiority!

Platform: PC
Creator: MGAME Corporation
Language: RUS
All inclusive
Size: 3.7 Gb

System requirements:
Processor Core2Duo 2.3 MHz or higher
Video card GeForce 9400 GT 512 MB or higher
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Disk space 10GB

- Two unique races, 8 classes each side.
- Ability to control the movement of the character using the keyboard (WASD) or by using the mouse (point & click).
- Dynamic Battle.
- Thousands of jobs, revealing the fascinating history of the world.
- Interactive map to easily find NPCs, quests, etc.
- Large battlefields designed for epic sweep of hundreds of opposition players.
- Different types of PvP.
- Elements of the strategy in real time.
- Craft system, allowing to improve things.
- Based on the element eradii system resources for skills (flights, defense and attack).
- Lots of professions to explore.
- Research PvP-locations and dungeons.
- The development of offshore locations with your friends.
- Infantry trucks for transportation of three to ten players, depending on the race. There is even a flying transport! (Floressiya: Mounts / Noblian: various techniques)
- Auction houses convenient for trade items.
- The system of achievements and grades.
- System pets with unique appearance (animals and equipment).

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