Revolution Under Siege: Gold Edition (2015) PC | License Torrent

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Genre: Strategy, Turn-based, Wargame, Top-down
Developer: Sep Reds, Ageod
Published: Slitherine Ltd.
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Language: Multilingual, English, German, French, Spanish
Language: No

✔ Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
✔ Processor: Pentium IV 1800+ MHz
✔ Memory: 2 GB RAM
✔ Video: 512 Mb V-RAM or better
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
✔ Free hard drive space: 3 GB

From the Baltic Sea to the Pacific coast and in the arid steppes of Central Asia re-create on your computer the most ambitious civil war! October 1917The October Revolution brought to the fore the idea that captured all the twentieth century.But the establishment of the communist regime was not easy, meet a lot of strengths, but often obscure opponents who sought to strangle the regime in its infancy.It was an exciting fight in which the power in the center had to resist the attacks from all sides.Win for the Reds torrentgamesnet for the consolidation of the Soviet proletarian revolution, or, on the contrary, lead to victory whites to return to power of the old regime and to protect European countries,weakened by the First World War, the revolutionary threat. Revolution Under Siege: Gold Edition - is the first historically authentic reconstruction of the Russian Civil War 1917-1923 gg.on the computer. A myriad of historical events and the geopolitical decisions that the player chooses will be real or hypothetical, will give a realistic pace maneuver your forces and enemy forces.Revolution Under Siege: Gold Edition was developed by the French team with the help of volunteers from around the world, dedicated fans and authors of ideas for historical policies of AGEod ..

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Revolution Under Siege: Gold Edition (2015) PC | License

Revolution Under Siege: Gold Edition (2015) PC | License

Revolution Under Siege: Gold Edition (2015) PC | License

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